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What is Hydro-Seeding?

HYDROSEEDING: \hi-dro-seeding\ (verb)
The process of combining seed, mulch, fertilizer, and
tackifiers with water to mix in a HydroSeeder® tank to form
thick slurry. This slurry is then applied with pressure to the
soil surface for seed germination and turf development.
The hydroseeding process begins with the preparation of the area to be seeded. After your builder completes the rough grade of the lawn, Bauer Lawn Maintenance, Inc. must prepare the area to be seeded by performing a “Finish (or Fine) Grade”. The Finish Grade prepares the soil for seeding, removes large rocks, sticks, and debris, and leaves a smooth appearance for the new lawn. Now the lawn is ready to be hydroseeded.
Hydroseed ‘slurry’ is prepared by mixing water, mulch (a recycled paper/wood fiber product), seed, fertilizer, and tackifier (a glue used to temporarily adhere the slurry to the soil) in the tank of the hydroseeder. This slurry is then sprayed onto the soil under pressure. This allows for good seed to soil contact and encourages proper germination. This green mixture provides an ideal environment for germination of the grass seed.
Now the most important step in the Hydroseeding process begins…PROPER CARE of your ‘soon to be’ lawn. The hydroseeding steps listed above have provided you, the property owner, with the materials needed to establish a healthy green lawn; however, the rest is up to you. Please refer to our “Care Of Your New Lawn & Landscape” section for more details on caring for your new lawn.

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